Feng Shlop

The realistic approach to balancing life, love, work, family, YOU, and all the ‘shlop’ that goes along with it. Feng Shlop is about acceptance. Accepting life as it really is and people as they really are. You don’t have to learn a lot of complicated principles and rules of energy to find renewal. Simply tap into the energy you already have!


Perfectly Fine

Life is a juggling act.With many balls in the air ~ family, friends, work, spiritual life, and maybe a minute or two for yourself how do you balance it all? Striving for perfection, we make to do lists, have calendars in multiple colors and sprint from one activity to another.


Simple Philosophy

Your spirit is your life force that connects you with a higher Power in some way. No matter what your beliefs, feed the needs of your spirit. Don’t allow demands crowd out this essential part of you. You can only achieve a sense of well-being if you regularly feed your spirit.


Structured Enough

Look for ways to break free from your everyday work routine. With pressures to fill schedules, it take organization as well as commitment to fit in a regular measure of loafing. Leave your technology unattended and the whole world will think you’ve lost your mind!


Achieve Balance

feng shlop reminds you to be ‘structured enough’, because that’s the only way to fulfill the demands of family life. Accept reasonable spontaneity and opportunity in life. The feng shlop way is to feed your family good, nutritious food and top if off with an occasional double scoop of ice cream. (occasional being key here!)


“I can give back and make order in my office … I always wanted to volunteer somewhere, now I can make a stop at the new Salvation Army and donate my ‘shlop!” Nurse in CO

Let’s face it, if you have abundant clutter in your life, you are abundantly blessed. It’s our philosophy that you should count your blessings! However, and while we’ve determined that you don’t need to improve yourself (because you’re just find the way you are) – we’ve also determined that the one thing we can’t get enough of in our lives is pleasure! Giving to those less fortunate than ourselves is one of life’s great pleasure, and you are in a position to do so.

If you want to minimize your shlop, we recommend you do it in small doses. Pick a room, a closet, or maybe just your end table to start. Get two garbage bags – one for actual garbage, and one for those useful items that someone else needs more than you. Fill one trash bag, and one charity bag. Tuck the charity bag in the trunk of your car and drop it at the nearest shelter, thrift store, Salvation Army, Goodwill or any other worthy charity. You’ll feel great! So will the person who gets to benefit from your gently used goods!


Feng Shlop and a Make Life Easy philosophy can be today’s GIFT To YOURSELF and others. Let relief wash over you. Keep your possessions, treasures and mementos to scale. A life that fits is its own reward. No one is perfect and it’s perfectly fine to embrace just that! Experience the Feng Shlop Gift Collection today, … because life really is too short to Sweat the Mess! Check out our products here.

“Because life is too short to sweat the mess!
Banish excess… find real treasures.”