“The highest praise I can offer for Kate Dunn is that she not only takes the time to listen to our company’s objectives, but she also makes sure she understands them, and there’s a huge difference in those two things. While most designers are motivated to manipulate shapes, pictures and colors to suit their own design tastes, Kate ensures that her efforts coincide with our goals, timeframe and budget. All of that is a rarity, it seems, in today’s ‘just get the work done and move on to the next project mentality’. It’s a privilege to work with Kate and an honor to have always had her as part of my team.”

John Wdowiak, Vice President, Marketing & New Business Development, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

I have worked with Kate Dunn on various projects involving creative and artistic development and graphic/print publishing. Her talent and leadership have always exceeded my expectations.”
Tina M. Thomson, Marketing Manager of Community Relations, Giant Eagle Inc.

Our company has had the pleasure of working with Kate Dunn for 12 years. During this period Kate has been responsible for designing and producing all of our company’s capability and product brochures, our product and service ads and our various trade show displays. We have also been pleased with Kate’s budget consciousness and with her selection of photographers, printers and other vendors that she utilizes. In addition, representatives of the various trade magazines with whom we advertise have made unsolicited comments about Kate’s conscientiousness and her adherence to deadlines. Most notably, several of the promotional pieces that Kate has produced for our company have won awards from local and national advertising groups. We believe this recognition by her peers is a true testament to the quality of work we have received from Kate Dunn.” 
International, Pittsburgh Based Company (GeoSonics) Sr. VP Marketing

“YOU MAKE US LOOK GOOD!” DW Tatar Contracting

Working with Kate Dunn through the entire planning, design, printing, and mailing stages of our company project was a pleasure! Kate’s ability to stay organized and follow-through on each request that Uhl Construction brought to her, emphasized her amazing skills to manage her design and printing business.The timeliness of the completion of the project was never an issue, as Kate was always on top of things. Uhl Construction Co., Inc. greatly recommends using Kate Dunn Advertising for any graphic design and communications your business may have. Her professionalism and superior management skills set her above the rest!” 
Margie Hengelsberg, Uhl Construction Marketing VP